Acrylics (Learn to Paint)

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Learn to Paint Acrylics is just one of the top-selling titles in the excellent Collins Learn to Paint series. The book contains thorough yet accessible instruction and stunning artwork by popular TV artist, Alwyn Crawshaw.

Alwyn Crawshaw demonstrates all the basic methods of painting in this exciting, modern medium of acrylics. Acrylics can be used like oil paint (but without the long drying time), or watered down to look like watercolour - bringing a new adaptability to your painting.

There are many step-by-step demonstration paintings of a variety of subjects – landscapes, seascapes, boats, flowers and still life.

• The Collins Learn to Paint series is the market leader for beginners - over 4 million copies sold worldwide.

• Acrylics is a versatile and increasingly popular medium.

• Alwyn Crawshaw has a large and loyal following among leisure painters.

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